What you want to know about B2B Debt Collection

Accounts receivable include the amount of money that has not yet been recovered from buyers or users of the company’s services. Accounts payable include the amount that the company owes to others against a purchase that has been made or a service that has been used for business operations. Commercial debts not only facilitate the operations and sales of a business, but can serve other purposes at the same time. A popular use of commercial debts is to include them in the financial statements of companies.

Exchanges receivable, also known as accounts receivable, are recorded in current assets of the balance sheet, while exchanges payable, also known as accounts payable, are recorded as current liabilities. However, Business Debt Collection agencies are considered debt collectors. Only debt collectors are covered under the FDCPA. The law does not apply to creditors who collect their own debts. Often debtors do not initially reveal the real reason why they do not pay their bill.

Understanding the real reasons is a very important part of the process of collecting debts, so listening and leaving the debtor while explaining their situation has multiple benefits. The debt collectors improve the treasury of your company by updating invoices pending collection through professional and effective management. B2B Debt Collection through the intensive issuance of calls, emails, letters, SMS, Whatsapp, fax, burofax, etc. in different hours and working days or holidays.

Record of all interactions with the client in our applications for an optimal follow-up of the debtor and judicial contribution if necessary. Entrust the judicial management of your delinquent clients to the legal team, an expert team with its own lawyers and agreements with collaborating offices nationwide. Parallel to the start of the judicial process we continue with the telephone or face-to-face management, which allows, in many cases, to close an out-of-court agreement before the judgment is handed down. So, don’t wait for more, just visit online now and find the reliable and professional business debt collection agency.