What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

It comes to adapt the rules, on the comparability of the commissions related to the high risk merchant accounts Europe, the transfer of payment accounts and the access to basic merchant accounts with high risk, seeking to guarantee universal access to the financial system to improve financial inclusion and enhance the global market.

Guarantees access to a high risk merchant account processing as a new bank product denominated in different currencies, with the right to carry out basic operations such as account deposits, direct debits, withdrawal of cash, transfers or card payments, among others, and to which all citizens have access, including those who do not have a residence permit and can only be denied access to high risk e commerce merchant account in highly rated cases.

For the direct debit of receipts and the use of cards or transfers, a maximum commission shall be established by the finance ministry, and a report shall be delivered to the client with sufficient advance notice and a statement of all the commissions in which have incurred. The report will be updated annually in order to improve transparency.

There are different banks that offers the high risk offshore credit card processing, so you will have a website, free access, which allows to compare the fees applied by payment service providers. Transfers from high risk merchant account solutions to other entities will be made at most within specific time period.

Regarding the commissions and also applicable to all high risk merchant accounts UK, the rule establishes that the high risk ecommerce accounts providers will provide the client or potential client with an informative document of the commissions in advance.

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