International Debt Collection Agency

At Frontline-collections, we work based on results, which means that we will only charge fees if the debt has been recovered successfully. Unlike other International Debt Collection agencies, you do not pay administration, processing or service expenses. Your company will have the convenience of a single point of contact as our managers are dedicated exclusively to their customers. Your company will only have to deal with one person, who knows your business and who will guide you through the collection process.

Our managers are specialists in the field and know how to accelerate the process of debt recovery by adapting to culture and language. We work for multinationals that generate millions of annual revenues and we understand the importance of our image for companies. Therefore, our way of communicating and collecting debts is done in a strict but reasonable manner. In short, a delinquent debtor today can be a good client tomorrow. we are dedicated to the recovery and recovery of unpaid debts, we act both by friendly means and by judicial means.

There are also companies that buy back debts from creditors or other companies, and then try to collect them. The International Debt Collection Agency is also known as debt collection agencies, debt collection companies or debt buyers. Thanks to our team of professionals who have the best success in the cases we accept. Our mission is the management of defaults; we provide multiple solutions and negotiate with the debtor with a debt refinancing system and in an agile and effective way. We manage national and international defaults.

Our recovery service has its own network of lawyers, advisors and collaborators in the five continents. We offer a global service, since, we can reach any city or country without difficulty. We use the necessary resources and a unique collection management system  to achieve the best results in all our files, we distinguish ourselves by the quality of the service we offer and in the constant effort of all our professionals to provide customers with solutions to the problems of unpaid in a constant, personalized and professional way.