4k TV as computer monitor

If you are in the market for a 4K monitor, you might want to consider looking at 4K televisions too. While monitors and TV’s are built for different purposes, there’s an increasing overlap in their feature set, to the extent I’d argue many people are better off buying a 4k TV as monitor. There are some caveats to using a large television instead of a display specifically designed to be used with a computer, but there are benefits too. This is our guide to why you should consider buying a 4k TV as computer monitor and how to set it up once you do.

Monitors remain the preferred choice of most users when they search for the ideal display device for their PC. And the televisions are in the same situation when the element that we are going to connect is a videogame console. However, we currently have strong reasons to also contemplate other scenarios in which it makes sense using a 4k TV as a monitor. And do the same with a video game console and a monitor.

And at the usual TV sizes, you’re probably getting more out of those pixels too, which brings us to our next point. One of the biggest differences between TVs and monitors is input lag, which is to say monitors typically have less of it. Think about it: using 4k TV as monitor are always meant to be used with direct input devices like mice and keyboards. Input lag only matters on TVs when you’re gaming. Thankfully almost every TV now comes with a game or PC mode to reduce input lag, but performance varies widely across the market.

Even the best use 4k TV as monitor are usually only as good as your average monitor. As you can see, if we stick to the balance offered by TVs in front of the variables panel size, resolution, HDR technology and price , it is worth taking them into account. But here comes the advantages. Before opting for a television to connect to our PC it is essential that we also know what disadvantages it implies, especially those of a technical nature, because they could seriously condition our user experience. For more information, visit this page.